Here you can see what we are building for you. We are working to complete all our features.
Welcome to RYSE where you can get a glimpse of what we are building for you. Right now, we are working closely with our community to be able to our community to be able to, in the coming months complete all our features.

Invest in RYSE from 1000 euros

We are raising 1 million euros with a participatory campaign for one month until January 15 .

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Paloma CASTRO, Inès de DINECHIN and Alexandre TOUSSAINT held a special webinar on our fundraising on Wednesday, December 14th at 3pm. Discover the replay!

Why invest in RYSE?
We expect a turnover of 5 million euros in 2025 and we have a 3-5 year exit strategy with an objective of multiplying by 4 or 5 the investment made.

In addition, investing in RYSE means:
1) Making a useful investment.
2) Creating a different world where women's voices are better heard and acted upon through their savings.
3) Being part of a community of men and women committed to greater financial independence for women.


Our clients are the investment players in the financial sector. Our approach is based on a direct approach via an internal or outsourced sales force. RYSE proposes to the financial actors a labeling of their company centered on the importance of the place of the woman in their functioning and based on 4 angles of analysis. This labeling will allow women who need to invest their money to get closer to actors committed to help them and to better serve their interests

We have developed the principles of the labeling methodology, started to find clients and developed a digital interface for our community of women. Now we need to develop a technological solution to interface between clients and RYSE, recruit the necessary resources to be able to process a large number of labelings and make our solution known to make it available to women.

What determines our revenues are the price of the label on the one hand (which is a function of the company's turnover) and the number of labels. On the French market, which is the first market on which we are positioned, this represents several thousand potential customers. Our forecasting plan is rather conservative and based on a few dozen customers for the first two years and then a few hundred for the following years. In terms of costs, the main items are : HR, IT and Communication & Marketing.

The main risk is the disinterest of financial actors. However, this risk seems limited to us because the financial actors are the first ones who have an interest in unlocking the sleeping money of women, which amounts to hundreds of billions of euros.

Investing in RYSE is an equity investment that may result in a loss of some or all of your principal.