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Women-Inclusive Investment

Is the pioneer label created thanks to a community to certify the financial actors of of Women Inclusive Investment

Bringing together financial experts and a community of community of committed women, RYSE allows women to invest with confidence. confidence.
Its label is the first to recognize financial actors who respond concretely to to women's expectations in terms of investment. investment expectations.

Find financial actors committed to inclusive investment for women

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Our actors


Find financial actors committed to inclusive investment for women

We accompany financial actors in their journey towards the inclusion of women


Investment providers evaluate their products and processes through our platform.


We guide them through through concrete concrete actions to make their products more attractive to female investors.


We highlight the the financial actors and financial products investment products that will have qualified

How does it work?

RYSE is committed to understanding the needs of women and financial actors.


We conducted interviews for 1 year to find out what financial solutions women really want

Financial institutions

We worked with partners committed to improving women's access to financial investments.


We understand the priorities of women when it comes to investing their money.

We have co-developed 30 specific criteria

These criteria are structured around 4 pillars.


Governance & Staff


Products & Services


All financial establishments and players with a link to the investment sector can apply for the label: banks, insurance companies, asset managers, investment platforms, wealth management consultants, etc.

Our label is based on 30 criteria established with our community of women investors and our network of committed financial players. They are based on 4 pillars: Objectives, Governance, Services and Products, Impact.

The labeling process consists of 4 steps:

  1. The financial actor answers the labelling questionnaire and submits supporting documents
  2. The labeling file is closely studied by our team of analysts and our labeling committee
  3. RYSE teams issue the labeling score and personalized recommendations 
  4. The financial actor gets his label and his portrait is published on our platform

We distinguish 3 levels of certification: pending, committed and certified.

The "pending" label is intended for companies that have started a Ryse labeling process while waiting for their score or that have not obtained a sufficient score.

The "committed" label is intended for companies that are committed to investing in women and have obtained a score above 50% on our index.

The "certified" label is intended for companies with an exemplary approach to investing in women. This label will be available from 2023.