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About RYSE

A pioneer label created thanks to a community, to certify the financial actors of Women Inclusive Investment.

Our findings

Women do not invest enough. Today, they hold 40% of the world's wealth but invest only 5% of it. In Europe, 1,500 billion euros are not invested and escape the real economy.

Why don't women invest?

Less than one third of women feel confident enough to invest, and only one in ten think they understand topics related to investment. Finance is a sector in which women still often feel uncomfortable.
The products and services offered by financial intermediaries have traditionally been created by and for men. The current financial industry struggles to reach women and encourage them to invest.
A relationship of trust therefore needs to be established between women and the investment industry.

Our goal

Our goal is to free up women's savings to be invested in the real economy.

To do this, we are working with the leading financial players in women's investment to create the finance of tomorrow, which will meet the needs of all.

Our label was built with our community of women and financial players who are pioneers in women's investment.

Our Values


We want to close the gap between the amounts invested by men and men and women and to to unleash the economic potential of women. We need their involvement and their to build the world of tomorrow. world of tomorrow.


We want to make financial information accessible, to highlight the inequalities and and dysfunctions of the financial world financial world in order to make institutions evolve.


Our vision is that of a finance finance that takes into account all aspects of society. Women should no longer be ignored. be ignored.


We are driven by a sincere sincere desire to build a more world where women act and women take action and commit to to change the financial world.

The team


We are building a community of women who are ready to help each other take the investment plunge.
They support us and work for parity in investment

Support us

Would you like to be certified? If you are a financial institution or a large group committed to inclusive investment for women Contact us for more information.